How We Work



First, we take your donation, and combine it with others. Once we have enough money to fund a well, we send it to one of our local partners in the field. They use that money to buy all the equipment needed to build wells. We also make sure that they agree to use 100% of the money we send them to directly fund project costs.


Identify a Village

Our local partners first scout and identify villages in need of clean water.


Water Committee

They then work with the village to form what is called a water committee. This committee is made up of 8-10 people, and each member is trained in business management, pump maintenance and hygiene and sanitation. Further, women are represented equally on these committees, which begins to engender a more equitable position for women in their village.


Build the Well

After the committee is formed, we start the well building process. The rest of the village is always involved and is required to contribute some of the sweat-equity, carrying out small tasks for free to reduce labor costs. This also ensures community ownership after the project is complete.


Distribute Medication

Once the well is completed, our partners will distribute de-worming pills to everyone affected in the village. Worms or parasites are one of the main effects of dirty water. We want to give everyone a fresh and healthy start, now that they will be drinking clean water from a protected well.


Report Back to You

We then send photographers along with Generosity Water staff to check on the projects, gather personal stories of people, and bring back photos and video of the communities you’ve helped.


You Share

You facebook, tweet, or just shout out the great report.