Jordan Wagner

Executive Director

A born entrepreneur, raised in Los Angeles, Jordan has been starting businesses since age 14. After visiting east Africa in 2008, Jordan was inspired to use his business acumen to make a global impact. In just four years, he’s led Generosity Water to raise over $3 million to bring clean water to over 300,000 people in 18 countries. He also produced the critically acclaimed documentary La Source, narrated by Don Cheadle, and was named Humanitarian of the Year by The Small Business Council of America in 2013. Jordan is committed to seeing his generation step up and end the global water crisis. When he’s not speaking or traveling, you can find Jordan leading the team in unusual stretches…downward dog anyone? A word from Jordan

Landry Doyle

Operations Manager

Although Landry hails from small town Missouri, she has always had a heart for global problem solving. As a student at the University of Southern California, Landry devoted her career to understanding complex global issues—taking her from the streets of Beirut, to Santiago, and eventually to Generosity Water’s doorstep. Landry now manages our international partnerships and shapes our projects to uphold the highest standards in WASH development. When she’s not getting excited about sanitation training, you’ll find her listening to NPR, mocking Bec’s accent, or whipping up a smoothie.

Bec Smith

Campaign Director

Bec is our piece of down under. Born in New Zealand and citizen of Australia—this Kiwi brings adventure, heart, and intention to everything she does. Whether leading an event, connecting with volunteers, or creating marketing material, Bec always dreams big and sees ideas through from concept to creation. She studied Printmaking at Victoria College of Arts in Melbourne and now invests her time leading grassroots campaigns. She loves living in LA with her husband Joe and is constantly looking for new cafes with lattes that give her a little piece of home.

Jake Viramontez

Media Producer

Jake is a natural storyteller. Add a camera to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a full-blown documentarian. He began telling stories through a lens in 2004 when he traveled to Africa to capture the civil war in Ivory Coast. After his doc won a national film festival, he decided to continue honing his craft at the Art Center College of Design. He has traveled to over 25 countries creating award winning short films, and is currently in pre-production on a feature length documentary titled The Human Movement. He also has the gift of attracting eagles with his bird call. No joke. A word from Jake

Anna Lindtjorn

Operations Associate

From a family dedicated to health efforts in eastern Africa, Anna has always been interested in development. Born in Norway, she moved with her family around the world, and her passion for people only grew as she was immersed in cultures on three different continents. Knowing she wanted a career in development, she moved to LA to study International Relations and French at the University of Southern California. Now she runs our social media and assists in all things operations. We love Anna for her honesty, accent, and adaptability—no task is beneath this fiery Euro-Ethiopian-Angeleno.

Ariel Vergez

Senior Designer

Ariel, aka REL, is a designer and illustrator who whips ink like Dexter does blood. His designer psyche develops stories that bring color to the mundane and personality to the dull. Originally from the Dominican Republic, REL studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art, and his talents have since guided him to Hasbro, Takara, Eleven, and SKD—acquiring numerous awards along the way. REL is instrumental to creating Generosity Water’s look & feel as a brand and if you’re looking for philosophical insight or a new revelation on life, REL is your man.

A word from Ariel

Mikkel Aranas

Graphic Designer

No stranger to life in the developing world, Kel was born and raised in the Philippines before making his way to LA. He started his career in fine arts and later transitioned to digital media and film, all with the goal of using design to communicate hope and inspire action. His graphic talents help tell the Generosity Water story through compelling images and design. Kel is a team player who is always willing to serve others and go the extra mile. Don’t let the tattoos fool you, this guy is as loveable as they come.